“I Live Alone” Kian84, screaming during video call with BLACKPINK Jennie… “I felt ashamed for making a fuss”

Kian84 greeted BLACKPINK Jennie through a video call.

MBC’s entertainment program “I Live Alone“, which aired on April 1st, depicted Kian84 going camping with Song Mino.

On this day, Song Mino immediately made a video call to BLACKPINK Jennie when Kian84 asked, “Are you close to anyone under YG who could connect a video call?”

Song Minho-Gian84-Jennie-I Live Alone

When asked what she was doing, Jennie said, “I’m at a show venue. I’m in Paris.” Afterwards, Song Mino said, “I’m camping now, and there’s a fan (of Jennie) next to me. May I introduce him to you?”

When Jennie appeared in front of his eyes, Kian84 screamed, “Oh! Wow. Wow. Hello. Oh my God.” Kian84 went on to say, “It’s such an honor. I’ll be rooting for you. I’m a huge fan of yours.” Upon hearing this, Jennie replied, “Thank you.”

Song Min-ho-Gian 84-Jennie Blackpink

However, Kian84 showed regret after finishing the phone call with Jennie. In an interview with the production team, he confessed, “Jennie is a superstar and the most beautiful person in Korea. Why did I make such a fuss? I’m annoyed with myself. I should have handed over the phone nicely, but I hated myself and felt ashamed for making a fuss.”

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