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WJSN X VIVIZ surpassed Hyolyn X Min-young to win first place, Eun-ha: “Just as I expected”

In the “Queendom 2” unit round, “Universe in Eunha” beat Hyolyn and Min-young’s unit to take the first place.

In the 7th episode of Mnet’s “Queendom 2” which aired on May 12th, the results of the vocal unit competition were announced.

Queendom 2

After the result announcement, VIVIZ Eun-ha responded, “It was an expected result,” while Yeon-jung of WJSN also agreed that she expected this result. Only Soo-bin put on a poker face after seeing the result, raising questions about their ranking.

As a result, LOONA X Kep1er unit “Sun and Moon” ranked third, while Hyolyn and Brave Girls Min-young‘s unit “33” ranked second.

WJSN and VIVIZ‘s unit group “Universe in Eunha” took first place and showed their joy. Between the “Sun and Moon” members, which finished third, Jin-sol expressed her satisfaction by saying, “We finished in third, but we were happy on stage.”


Brave Girls’ Min-young, who ended up in second place, said, “I’m grateful that I was completely comforted and finally put an end (to my worries).”

Hyolyn has never missed the first place in the history of ‘Queendom 2’, right?” said Yeon-jung of WJSN, and Exy was surprised, “I feel so delighted. It’s even a vocal unit battle… Isn’t that crazy?”


Seol-ah looked relieved, saying, “I felt so refreshed like I just drank soda.”

Hyolyn expressed her regret, saying, “Should I have done it like ‘I’m a Singer’?,” but added, “I can’t help it. I only showed this much. These things make me have no choice but to work harder,” she said.


Brave Girls’ Min-young said, “I gained a lot from this stage,” and Yuna comforted, saying, “You are not in last place.” Min-young said with joy, “I escaped thanks to Hyo-lyn. This stage is life-changing.”

Source: entertain.v.daum.net

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