Viviz Umji, responsibility is more important than shame… Asking for help from junior Hikaru (Queendom 2)

Viviz Umji went on stage with the help of Honey J and Kep1er Hikaru.

Mnet’s “Queendom 2”, which aired on May 12th, unveiled dance units’ performances in the first round of the third competition “Position Unit Battle”.

Queendom 2

The “Kev1z” team, consisting of Viviz Umji, SinB and Kep1er Xiaoting, Dayeon, Hikaru, chose “Purr” as the competition song. SinB said, “Now that we’re a team, we have to share a worldview. HolyBang, who made the dance, ranked first on ‘Street Woman Fighter’, and Kep1er members are No.1 in each country. Viviz takes first place in terms of views and topicality. In the end, it’s fate that we have no choice but to win.”


Honey J appeared in the practice room. After seeing the practiced choreography, Honey J conducted special training, “It’s better than I was worried. However, rather than the mood, it feels like we’re only working hard on the choreography each one is assigned to. I came here to catch that part.”


Unlike the members who followed well, Umji was slow in learning the choreography. Umji confessed, “It takes me a very long time to memorize or learn the dance. My trainee period was short compared to other members, and it’s a style that requires perfect mastery of both body and head to come out on stage comfortably, so I have to spend 2~3 times as much time working hard right now. The performance unit seems to be the most difficult homework so far.”


Umji also took courage to ask her juniors questions and tried to do her part. Umji said, “What is shame and embarrassment? I don’t have time right now, so I’ll have to ask.” Hikaru watched Umji practicing and set details for her. Umji was moved by Hikaru, who actively helped her, and Hikaru was also grateful to Umji, who recognized her sincerity without hurting her self-esteem.

Umji shared, “I didn’t want to hear people say ‘Why did you try?’ I had a desire to try a little more than expected. I hope to see that appearance on stage as well.” In the end, her stage was full of charisma.


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