“They’re still spending time together…” Hyuna’s side reveals position on rumor of Hyuna and Dawn dating again

Singer Hyuna denied the rumor of her reunion with ex-boyfriend Dawn.

In an interview with an entertainment media outlet on January 10th, an official from Hyuna’s side said, “The rumor about her reunion with Dawn is not true. However, the two are still maintaining a good relationship like friends by eating and spending time together.”

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Earlier on January 8th, Hyuna posted a selfie video on her Instagram. The released video shows Hyuna had a cubic accessory on the center of her lower lip. Last year, Dawn also posted a photo of him wearing a piercing at the same spot.

Pointing out that the two had piercings on the same position, people speculated that the two might have reunited. However, the rumor was calmed down as Hyuna’s side officially denied it.


Hyuna and Dawn started dating in 2016. The couple publicized their romantic relationship in 2018 after two years of dating and drew keen attention from netizens by often showing affection for each other through duo activities.

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The two suddenly broke up on November 30th last year. At that time, Hyuna announced, “We broke up. We decided to be good friends and colleagues.”

Source: wikitree

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