Same location… Hyuna and Dawn’s signal of ‘reunion’ after breakup

Hyuna and Dawn recently put an end to their 6-year relationship, however, their reunion signal was detected.

Hyuna posted a video on her Instagram story on the 8th. The released video shows Hyuna, who has bleached her blonde hair, visiting a clothing store and leaving a self-video. Especially in the video, Hyuna caught attention by revealing a small cubic in the middle of her lower lip.


It could be that Hyuna has attached a removable stone, but the location was the same as where her ex-boyfriend, Dawn, pierced, drawing attention. Last year, Dawn revealed a lip piercing made of turquoise cubic material.


Netizens who saw HyunA’s recent situation responded with “I thought she was going to get married, but it was so sad that they broke up”, “Honestly, I wish they could meet again”, “They were such a good couple…”, “I want to see them working together again”, etc

Meanwhile, Hyuna and Dawn started dating in 2016 and admitted to dating in 2018, and have been dating for 6 years. The two also worked as a team called Hyuna & Dawn, but recently announced their breakup.

Source: Wikitree

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