Kim Seon Ho, who has changed drastically after controversy, starts filming the movie “Tyrant”

Kim Seon Ho, who was embroiled in controversy over his private life in 2021, announced his full-fledged comeback as an actor.

Kim Seon Ho‘s agency Salt Entertainment said on their official SNS on Jan 9th, “Actor Kim Seon Ho will appear in the movie ‘Tyrant’. We would like to ask for your interest and support for actor Kim Seon Ho, who will meet the audience as ‘Choi Guk Jang’, a member of a state institution but has been unofficially operating the ‘Tyrant Program’.

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The movie “Tyrant” depicts people’s pursuit to obtain the last sample of the “Tyrant Program” that disappeared in a delivery accident. This is the next film of director Park Hoon Jung, who has shown sensuous action in interesting stories such as “New World”, “The Witch” series and “Night in Paradise”.

In particular, director Park Hoon Jung maintained Kim Seon Ho as the male lead of “Sad Tropics” (working title) despite his controversy back then.

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He is drawing attention as he shows unwavering trust by using Kim Seon Ho in his next film “Tyrant”.

Previously, in October 2021, a netizen posted a revelation that her ex-boyfriend, actor K, urged her to get an abortion. K was pointed out as Kim Seon Ho, which became controversial. Kim Seon Ho later issued an apology through his agency and suspended his activities.

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Due to this, Kim Seon Ho dropped out of the entertainment show “1 Night 2 Days Season 4” and the movies “Dog Days”, “2 O’Clock Date”. However, director Park Hoon Jung did not change the cast for the movie “The Childe” (originally titled “Sad Tropics”) and finished filming with Kim Seon Ho.

Meanwhile, Kim Seon Ho and director Park Hoon Jung’s “The Childe” is scheduled to be released in 2023.

Source: Nate

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