Working with director Park Hoon Jung again, Kim Seon Ho will make a 180-degree image change in movie “Tyrant”

Actor Kim Seon Ho raises expectations for his image transformation through director Park Hoon Jung’s new movie “Tyrant”.

According to distributor Acemaker Movieworks on January 9th, the movie “Tyrant” has completed most of the casting and begun filming on the 2nd.

“Tyrant” depicts people’s pursuit to obtain the last sample of the “Tyrant Program” that disappeared in a delivery accident.

cha seung won

Actor Cha Seung Won takes on the role of former agent Im Sang Won, who is tasked with removing forces related to the “Tyrant Program”. Kim Seon Ho plays Choi Guk Jang, who works for a state agency but has been operating the “Tyrant Program”, signaling a 180-degree transformation from what he has shown in his previous works.

Actor Kim Kang Woo will appear as Paul, a member of an overseas intelligence agency who is trying to discard the last sample of the “Tyrant Program”.


Cha Seung Won shared, “I’m very excited and happy that I’ll be able to greet the viewers with a new look through ‘Tyrant’. I’ll do my best to create a good film with director Park Hoon Jung, the production crew members, and fellow actors”.

Kim Seon Ho also expressed his feelings, saying “It’s my honor to meet the audience as Choi Guk Jang, who has a different charm and is different from the characters I’ve done so far. I’m happy to work with Park Hoon Jung once again, following ‘Sad Tropics (The Childe)’”.


Kim Kang Woo also said, “I’m excited to meet the viewers with the genre I’ve always wanted to challenge. I will do my best in every moment together with my amazing fellow actors”.

Source: Daum

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