Speculation about the scene in “The Glory” where Lee Do Hyun sews the “black button” for Song Hye Kyo

Drama fans are pouring out various theories and interpretations for “The Glory” based on hints in the drama.

Netflix series “The Glory” has captivated not only Korean viewers but also drama fans all over the world. It has stayed in the top rankings among outstanding works, such as “Wednesday”, “Ginny & Georgia” and “Emily in Paris”. 

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“The Glory” dominated the No.1 spot in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Southeast Asian countries, such as Malaysia, the Philippines, etc.

The drama tells about Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), whose soul has been broken due to the bad experience of school violence during her childhood, spending her whole life preparing a plan to take revenge on the perpetrators.

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While netizens are showing admiration for the detailed directing, the guess about the “black button” is drawing keen attention.

On January 4th, a Twitter user highlighted the relationship between Moon Dong Eun and Joo Yeo Jeong (Lee Do Hyun) in episode 7.

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Joo Yeo Jeong played by Lee Do Hyun was born into a wealthy family as the son of a hospital director but he’s also a person with deep pain hidden in his heart.

The process of Joo Yeo Jeong finding his common thing with Moon Dong Eun expressed through various scenes, such as when he was determined to join the revenge plan after recalling the event related to the killer Kang Young Cheon (Lee Moo Saeng), led viewers to overly immersed into the story.

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In particular, there is a scene where Joo Yeo Jeong unbuttones his clothes and sews the button for Dong Eun. The button that appears in the scene is black.

The Twitter user emphasized, “This must be the scene that shows how Joo Yeo Jung plays the role of Moon Dong Eun’s black stone”.

In fact, actor Lee Do Hyun also mentioned “button” in a keyword interview with Netflix, saying “There’s a scene where I sew a button for Dong Eun. You must watch the drama to see how important that button is”.

Source: Insight.

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