HyunA Shocks Fans with New Unconventional Short Haircut amid Rumors of Reunion with Dawn

Singer HyunA introduces shocking hairstyle beyond unconventional.

On the 19th, HyunA showed off her new hairstyle to fans, saying “ta-da”.

Previously, HyunA revealed long blonde hair that reached her waist. She wore this hairstyle to an event and caught everyone’s attention with her extremely sexy backless fashion.

However, HyunA surprised everyone with a short cut beyond a bob cut. She added a mischievous expression and shocked everyone even more. Fans were surprised by her unconventional hairstyle, but supported her new style.


Although HyunA is currently surrounded by rumors of a reunion with her ex-boyfriend Dawn, she has not shown any particular reaction to the rumors.

HyunA and Dawn broke up after a six-year relationship in November of last year. However, at official events they have both attended since then, they have been seen with similar piercing positions, leading to rumors of a reunion.

While they denied the first reunion rumor as false, they have not made a clear statement regarding the second one. HyunA and Dawn continue with their individual activities, leaving the rumors of a reunion up in the air.

Source: Nate

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