HyunA rumored to reunite with Dawn because of this? A secret relationship?

Famous singer HyunA is rumored to have reunited with her former lover, Dawn, two months after their breakup. 

On January 28th, HyunA appeared in a fashion pictorial video, which was uploaded to the official YouTube channel of fashion magazine Dazed Korea. Here, the singer flaunted various styles and exuded a free atmosphere. 

Hyuna Dazed Korea

In particular, HyunA tried out various hairstyles, makeup, and outfits, but her eye-catching lip piercing remained unchanged. It particularly stood out during a scene where HyunA colored her lips. 

This isn’t HyunA’s time wearing a lip piercing. Previously, she appeared in front of reporters with a lip piercing after her breakup with Dawn. 

hyuna dawn

Since this was an accessory that Dawn and HyunA wore often when they were dating, HyunA’s lip piercing was speculated to be a couple item. However, some believe that this is a mere speculation that gave way to rumors of a reunion. 

HyunA, who debuted over 15 years ago, has been cleverly utilizing her fame throughout her career. Thus, it is unlikely that HyunA would be unaware of the lip piercing, which is rousing rumors of her reunion with Dawn. 

Regarding the news that HyunA and Dawn are back together, an acquaintance on HyunA’s side came forward and denied the rumor, but HyunA has been keeping her silence. 


Meanwhile, on November 30th, 2022, HyunA directly announced her breakup with Dawn after 6 years of dating and a marriage proposal. However, she has since deleted (or archived) the breakup announcement, and only memories of being together with Dawn remain.


It is possible that HyunA feels burdened by the sudden rumor of a reunion with Dawn. Whether she wanted to continue her friendship with Dawn comfortably after the breakup, or if she wanted to keep her reunion with Dawn a secret, the amount of attention she is receiving might be uncomfortable.

Source: Nate 

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