Hyeri surprised “HMLYCP” members by revealing an unexpected thing on her phone

Former Girl’s Day member Hyeri (30 years old) talked about her habit of reading all messages on “HyeMiLeeYeChaePa”.

On June 1st, the Youtube channel of ENA uploaded an unreleased video of “HyeMiLeeYeChaePa (HMLYCP)” with the title, “A rare debate that suddenly started! Read messages VS Don’t read messages”

“HMLYCP” members discussed the issue of reading messages while enjoying their last breakfast together. During their conversation, Patricia said, “If you miss one Kakaotalk message, you won’t see it again”. Hyeri asked back, “Why do you miss Kakaotalk messages?”, as she couldn’t understand Patricia’s comment.

Patricia explained, “If I think ‘I’ll reply to the message later’ and ignore it, I will end up receiving like 999 notifications”. Miyeon agreed and revealed that she had 157 Kakaotalk notifications on her phone. In addition, Chaewon and Lee Jung also said they had 183 and 114 unread messages.

Puzzled by the sisters’ confessions, Hyeri said, “Sometimes I don’t receive any messages for the whole day”.


Hyeri then looked at her phone and said, “I have 4 unread messages at the moment”. She confessed, “Isn’t it annoying to see just 1 unread message notification? I think it’s really annoying. I have to read all the messages.”

Meanwhile, Hyeri is dating actor Ryu Jun Yeol (38 years old). The two publicized their romantic relationship in August 2017 and have been dating for six years.

Source: Wikitree

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