RIIZE Anton’s Rumored Girlfriend Denies Dating Suspicions, “We’ve Been Friends Since We Were Young”

The girl holding hands with RIIZE’s Anton in the photo spreading online recently explained her relationship with the male idol

On March 12th, the girl in RIIZE Anton’s romance issues released a long post denying the claim that she’s dating Anton.

She said, “Hello, I am writing this post in regard to the recent post circulating social media, a photo of Anton and I holding hands while he was visiting New Jersey this past month on his break”.

Strongly refuting the romance rumors with Anton, she said “I am hoping to clear up any confusion on the matter as there are many claiming that Anton and I are dating because of that photo, but I am not and have not ever dated him. I deny all claims of that statement”.

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The girl further explained, “Anton and I have been friends since we were young, and as seen in the rest of these photos, we were in a group setting with other close friends of ours, and continued to hang out in group settings throughout the day”, adding “Seeing Anton is not easy as it once was, and he had come home for the first time in years. To remember that day, I posted that photo, obviously on my private Instagram, on which I post many photos of my friends and I, but was unaware that it would cause this large of an issue”.

Lastly, she asked netizens to not make conclusions on the basis of a singular photo.

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