BTS surprisingly gains a lot of attention after the historic victory of South Korea’s football team

After Germany was eliminated from World Cup 2018, many Mexicans and Brazilians said thank you to South Korea football team by mentioning BTS and listening to the group’s music.

Even though not all K-pop fans watch World Cup 2018, but most of them have been informed about the shocking result of the match between Germany and South Korea, which took place yesterday (June 27th). As we usually say: “Anything can happen in football”, the players of South Korea officially sent Germany out of the World Cup by beating the reigning champion with a 2-0 victory.
This has been such an unbelievable triumph for South Koreans as they started the game with only 1% chance to win. The victory of South Korean team was also the joy for Mexico and Brazil, because this victory protected Mexico from being eliminating and helped Brazil to “revenge” for the defeat 4 years ago.
Before the match took place, many Mexicans and Brazilians had promised to listen to BTS’s music all day if South Korean could win over Germany. As the result, the media reported that BTS’s song named “Fake Love” climbed 31 ranks on iTunes Mexico’s official chart. After that, this song continued to rise 10 more spots. So, in total, BTS’s song has climbed 41 ranks and it’s now at No.46 on iTunes Mexico.
On Twitter, Mexican football fans have expressed their thankfulness towards South Koreans by streaming “Fake Love”. Even the Mexican artists joined in this celebration, they encouraged their fans to listen to BTS’s music. The netizens from this country said:
– Today, all Mexicans will play BTS’s music in our cars!
– I don’t know who BTS is but, I am told to that as a Mexican, I’m contractually obligated to listen to them for the rest of the day!
– Thank you South Korea, you saved Mexico, from now we’ll support BTS!
– All of Mexico is now BTS stans, it’s law now.
As for Brazil, music newspapers in this country also told Brazilians to listen to BTS’s songs. Many people are fulfilling their promises by helping BTS on music chart. Obviously, not only South Korea football team but also BTS are gaining a lot of love thanks to the historic football game. The special thing is that even though there are a great amount of K-pop groups, Mexicans and Brazilians choose BTS, proving the enormous popularity of the boy group coming from Big Hit.

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