Song Hye Kyo, Hyun Bin, and other K-drama actors and actresses who were shockling adorable in their childhood 

Childhood photos Song Hye Kyo, Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, and several others never fail to make fans coo. 

Korean actors and actresses often impress with their visuals, and it seems that they have been eye-catching ever since childhood. Below are several cases of celebrities with extremely adorable childhood appearances. 

Song Hye Kyo 

Song Hye Kyo’s popularity exploded in 2000 after the actress starred in “Autumn In My Heart” and became a beauty icon in Korea. However, Song Hye Kyo had a complicated family life, as she grew up under the tutelage of a single mother. 

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo grew up under the care of her mother. 

Unlike other Korean celebrities, Song Hye Kyo doesn’t hesitate to discuss her past, and would often post photos of herself as a child. 

song hye kyo
Song Hye Kyo in her youth. 

Over the years, the actress’s beauty never changes, and her childhood version is simply the cutest there is. 

song hye kyo
Song Hye Kyo’s facial features are clear from a young age. 

With large eyes, a smart-looking forehead, and clear eyebrows, Song Hye Kyo’s visuals can be detected from way early on. 

Hyun Bin

Unlike his ex-lover Song Hye Kyo, Hyun Bin is an extremely private person who very rarely shares about his old photos and anything family-related. To the husband of Son Ye Jin, personal matters should be kept personal. 

Hyun Bin is an extremely private person

However, fans of the actor still managed to find a photo of his child self. In the picture, Hyun Bin was cutely smiling with his dimples showing. 

hyun bin
Hyun Bin’s rare childhood photo

Compared to the present Hyun Bin, there’s not much difference except for the missing baby fat and chubby cheeks. 

hyun bin
Other photos of Hyun Bin as a child

As Hyun Bin recently married his co-star Son Ye Jin, netizens are now expecting to see a new, mini Hyun Bin. 

Son Ye Jin 

Like her husband Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin also values privacy. However, she does share a lot of childhood photos. A picture of the actress alongside her older sister and parents even went viral across the net. 

son ye jin
Son Ye Jin’s viral childhood photo. 

According to Son Ye Jin, she has been praised for her appearance since an extremely young age. “Many people told my mom how beautiful I look, but I was too small to understand what they meant”, the actress said. 

son ye jin
Son Ye Jin (left) as a child. 

Even in childhood photos, Son Ye Jin managed to stand out with her shining and adorable looks that could totally make her a child star. The actress’s cuteness was also highly praised by Korena people, who would watch Son Ye Jin’s videos before giving birth in hopes that their children can be just as pretty. 

Son Ye-jin
Son Ye Jin’s spectacular visuals is a favorite of many Korean people. 

Several others who have impressive childhood photos include Lee Min Ho, Kim Ji Soo (BLACKPINK member), and Song Joong Ki.

BLACKPINK Jisoo, who managed to deliver an excellent portrayal in her debut work “Snowdrop”
song joong ki
Song Joong Ki, who will return in the upcoming K-drama “The Youngest Son of The Chaebol Family”
lee min ho
Lee Min Ho, Hallyu star who recently starred in “Pachinko” vs his wild childhood self. 
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