Two celebrities that Jo In-sung publicly authenticated his close friendship with them on SNS

Actor Jo In-sung revealed two celebrity close friends.

On April 28th, Jo In-sung posted 2 photos on his Instagram without any captions. In a photo, Jo In-sung is looking at the camera and making a friendly pose with Lee Kwang-soo.


Wearing hats, the two are sitting on the wall in the dark night and smiling brightly. Jo In-sung puts his arms around Lee Kwang-soo’s shoulders while Lee Kwang-soo makes a “V” sign with his fingers.

Lee Kwang-soo and Jo In-sung first met through SBS’ drama “It’s Okay, That’s Love” (2014). The two developed into close friends after appearing in this work.

Lee Kwang-soo recently appeared as a part-time worker on tvN’s “Unexpected Business 2” to help the boss Jo In-sung, proving their unchanging close friendship.

Another photo shows Jo In-sung and Park Kyung-lim 20 years ago. The two took a picture with each other in close contact.


This photo appears to be from the time of appearing in MBC’s “New Nonstop”, which aired in 2000. At that time, Jo In-sung and Park Kyung-lim played the role of a couple in the drama and were loved by many people.

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