TWICE proved they are not losing popularity with tickets all sold out for Tokyo Dome Concert

Antifans have been saying that TWICE is no longer in their prime. But the group’s recent concert nights in Tokyo Dome totally proved them wrong. 

Famous Kpop girl group TWICE debuted in 2015, with members selected from the JYP survival show “Sixteen”. While their first release “Like Ooh Aah” did not gain much attention, the group exploded in fame the next year, after dropping the refreshing and hyper track “Cheer Up”. Ever since, TWICE has been considered a top girl group in Korea, topping multiple musical charts and winning numerous awards. 

However, many netizens believe that TWICE’s popularity has been in decline during recent years, only to be proven wrong by reality. 

7 years since their debut, TWICE is still as popular as ever. 

Sold-out queens 

Recently, ONCEs (fandom of TWICE) rejoiced to see their idol performing for 3 nights at the “stage of the dreams” in Tokyo Dome, Japan. With a total capacity of 55,000 people, Tokyo Dome is a legendary venue for all Kpop idols, and TWICE’s appearance here is a true testament for the group’s massive impact. 

Tokyo Dome is a legendary venue for its huge capacity. 

Huge as it is, Tokyo Dome was still easily filled by TWICE fans for 3 entire nights. Through their concert, TWICE sold a total of 150,000 tickets, and their performance was even broadcasted on dTV – a famous Japanese video distribution service. This has made TWICE the first Kpop girl group to sell out three nights in Tokyo Dome. 

Huge lines of people queuing outside Tokyo Dome, 2 hours before TWICE’s concert. 
TWICE totally slayed their performances at this legendary venue. 
The JYP girl group is not losing popularity anytime soon. 

Alongside Japan, TWICE’s upcoming concerts in the US also have no tickets left to sell. Their tour across North America, which includes 7 main shows and 2 encore shows, are all sold-out. 

This fact has completely disproved comments comparing TWICE and BLACKPINK, claiming that TWICE is no longer in their prime, and that the group’s impact is limited to Korea and Japan alone. Many popular idols also went to the group’s performance nights, including former IZ*ONE’s Hitomi and Nako, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, (G)-IDLE, ITZY, and more

TWICE’s North American tour quickly sold out. 
BLACKPINK’s Lisa attending TWICE’s Korean concert. 

Fashion muses and advertisement queens

In the past, TWICE used to be heavily criticized for looking “cheap” on famous fashion magazines. However, the group has improved over time, and now gives off much more chic and mature vibes. 


Dahyun, in particular, has extended her contract with the beauty brand A’pieu. The cosmetics company is extremely fond of Dahyun’s innocent yet elegant features. Other members are also active with various commercial deals, including Sana’s collaboration with WAKEMAKE, Tzuyu with ZOOC, Nayeon with Biotherm, and Mina with METROCITY.  Mina even earned the title of Global Ambassador for the famous beauty brand SK-II. 

TWICE dahyun
Dahyun continues to be the muse of A’pieu
TWICE sana
Sana looking gorgeous in her photoshoot for WAKEMAKE
TWICE nayeon
Nayeon with elegant vibes while promoting Biotherm. 

TWICE is also appearing in famous fashion magazines, with Mina and her impressive charisma on the cover of W Korea’s May 2022 issue. Meanwhile, Nayeon appears on Harper’s Bazaar Korea as a model of the luxury jewelry brand Chaumet. 

TWICE mina
Mina showcases intense fashion vibes on her newest magazine cover. 
TWICE nayeon
Nayeon doesn’t fall behind with an appearance on the famous Harper’s Bazaar. 

JYP Entertainment is well-known for their abilities to create the best girl groups there are, and TWICE is a prime example. It has been a long 7 years, but the group remains stronger than ever, constantly dropping musical hits and selling out tickets despite mean comments.  

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