Explosive responses to BLACKPINK’s appearance on Japanese TV’s “Music Station”

BLACKPINK appeared on the most reputable music show in Japan, captivating the hearts of local fans with their overwhelming charisma and impressive performances.

In the afternoon of August 20, BLACKPINK appeared on TV Asahi’s “Music Station” and performed the Japanese version of “Lovesick Girls”, the title song of their 1st full album.

Even though the song has been known as a global mega-hit, it still gave a different feeling for local fans when they saw BLACKPINK sing its Japanese lyrics. In particular, BLACKPINK showed off their stable vocals despite intense choreography, attracting viewers’ attention with their unique styles.


Before the stage, MC of “Music Station”, MC Tamori, and announcer Namiki introduced BLACKPINK as “the hottest artists in the world”. Famous Japanese actors Takayuki Yamada and Kanechika, a member of a gag duo “EXIT”, praised BLACKPINK’s global impact, they said, “I’m a fan of BLACKPINK. It’s my honor to be able to meet them”.


Being asked about the title song “Lovesick Girls”, Jisoo said, “This song tells the story of the girls who had been hurt by love decided to pursue love again”. Lisa explained, “The meaning of the lyrics was expressed directly through the choreography. The gesture which represents the part “Lovesick” means ‘my head hurt’ and the gesture of drawing a big heart means ‘the girl’s longing for love’. Those are the key points of the choreography.”

On the same day, BLACKPINK did a video call interview. They shared, “Unfortunately, we couldn’t attend the show in person”. The members added: “THE ALBUM’ is just another beginning for us. In the future, we will bring more amazing songs with better music to our fans so please look forward to us.”

BLACKPINK has just released ‘THE ALBUM –JP Ver.-‘ and immediately topped the Oricon Daily Album Chart and Japan’s Apple Music Tip Album Chart. Their songs also charted on top of Japan’s major music charts, such as Line Music and iTunes in Japan. Moreover, they successfully entered TOP 10 of the AWA Chart, catching great attention from the local fans.

Meanwhile, with their first full album, “THE ALBUM,” released in October last year, BLACKPINK sold 1.3 million copies (figures based on Hanteo/Gaon Chart) and became the first KPOP girl group to earn the title ‘million seller’. In addition, their song topped the iTunes album charts in 57 countries, ranked No.2 on the U.S Billboard 200 and the UK’s official chart, breaking the records for a KPOP girl group.


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