HYBE’s rookie girl group I’LL-IT drops profile images of 6 members with 6 different colors

The first profile photos of HYBE’s new girl group I’LL-IT have been unveiled

I’LL-IT (Yunah, Minju, Moka, Youngseo, Wonhee, and Iroha) began to release profile photos of the members through their official SNS account starting on September 2nd and completed introducing all members on the 8th. The photos show each member with their natural charms and images that reflect their individualities. 

I’LL-IT is a six-member multinational girl group under HYBE’s sub-label BELIFT Lab. The name is a combination of strong will (I will) and the pronoun to point at something specifically (it) to say that the girls have great potential to be anything they want with high expectations.

Yunah mixes a frill dress with a training jacket. Looking charismatic on stage but having a cheerful personality that makes people around her smile, the oldest sister is expected to play the role of a mood maker in the group.

With the headset and knitwear as the highlights of the outfit, Minju exudes a refreshing charm against the backdrop of a grassland. She has the most distinct style and can digest songs of various genres and concepts in her own way with her unique voice tone.

Moka shows a hip yet cute look by combining a pure white dress with a black beanie. Known as the member with the biggest difference on and off stage, Moka is expected to captivate fans with her unexpected charms, lovely visual, and friendly yet cool personality.

Youngseo, who has gained attention with her cat-like visual, wears a pink dress and looks at the camera with a chic expression. Unlike her perfect performances that received comments, such as “You already look like a celebrity”, Youngseo surprises everyone with her clumsy and easy-going side.

Wonhee’s profile picture introduces her cheerful charm. Her playful expressions flutter fans’ hearts and make them smile pleasantly. Owning an attractive round face and bright smile, Wonhee also impressed the public with her quick growth in a short period of time as a main vocalist during “R U Next” competition.

Iroha shines with her clear and distinctive visual suitable for her position as the team’s youngest member. Known as a dancing prodigy, she always shows a confident and relaxed attitude on the stage.

Meanwhile, I’LL-IT was formed through HYBE’s next-generation girl group debut project survival show “R U Next”. The trainees passed various missions to prove that they have both visuals and skills to become global K-pop artists. 

Source: Daum

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