aespa’s Ningning Has Lost 16 AirPods In Total+SNSD’s Hyoyeon, “It’s more than 3 million won, where can I pick them up?”

Ningning, a member of aespa, confessed that she often loses things.

On May 29th, a video was uploaded on SNSD Hyoyeon’s YouTube channel ‘Hyo’s Level Up,’ featuring aespa member Ningning as a guest. She showed off her chemistry with host Hyoyeon and the two had a fun talk together.

In the video, Hyoyeon said, “I heard that Ningning has an NO list. The list says her personality is ‘NO good,’ there is also “NO running” and her motto is ‘Trust NO-body,’ another item has been added.” Ningning’s added item is “NO AirPods.”

ningning aespa

Ningning confessed, “Thet (the AirPods) just don’t seem to fit,” but Hyoyeon asked, “Do they not fit your ear holes?” causing laughter at the set.

Earlier, Ningning posted a photo of her lost AirPods list to fans on a fan communication platform, along with a message saying, “I don’t have earphones to use now, where are they all?” The released photo showed 16 AirPods connected to Ningning’s mobile phone.

ningning aespa

When Hyoyeon asked Ningning why she lost them, she laughed, saying, “I don’t lose just one side of the AirPods, but the whole case.” When Hyoyeon was surprised by how she could lose 16 pairs, Ningning said calmly, “I just lose things often.”

Ningning added, “When I lost something, I think it was just because my fate with the object ended there. When I lose it, I just think it’s fate and get over it.” Hyoyeon joked, “Don’t you think they are worth more than 3 million won in total? Where can I pick them up?”

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