Song Hye Kyo once had a movie that was banned because of sensitive hot scenes

The audience was surprised by the news that Song Hye Kyo had acted in an American movie in 2008, but it was banned due to its sensitivity.

Song Hye Kyo is known as one of the top stars in Korea and all over Asia. Referring to her, the audience will immediately remember a series of hit movies such as Full House, That Winter, the Wind Blows, Autumn in My Heart, Descendants of the Sun,… But few people know that, the actress also had a banned movie.

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The American film called Fetish released in 2008, featuring Song Hye Kyo with hot scenes was banned from screening. In the movie, Song Hye Kyo played the role of a Korean girl named Sookhy. This girl is a member of a pagan cult, possessing the power to curse. Sookhy married a Korean-American named Peter Kim and moved to the US to live, then she fell in love with her neighbor John Waits. Therefore, she killed his wife Julie to live with him.

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Associated with gentle and innocent roles on Korean screen, this time, Song Hye Kyo had completely changed. In the film, the actress has so many hot scenes with ex-husband Peter Kim and the character John Waits, even a gay scene with American neighbor’s wife.

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However, contrary to expectations, Song Hye Kyo’s first Hollywood movie not only failed miserably in foreign markets but also encountered many difficulties when released in Korea. And in the end, Fetish was banned because of too many sensitive hot scenes. But anyway, it was an interesting new experience for the actress of “Descendants of the Sun”.

Some hot scenes in the movie:

song hye kyo
song hye kyo

It can be said that Fetish is a rare film that became a “failed bomb” in Song Hye Kyo’s acting career. Although she has not participated in movies for years since the divorce of Song Joong Ki, her reputation has not decreased.

From 2018 until now, she has only taken photos for famous magazines, shot advertisements and participated in some events of the brand she is working as a brand ambassador. But Song Hye Kyo is still at the top of the highest earning female stars in Korean showbiz. In addition, this year, ex-wife Song Joong Ki will make her TV comeback through two films, Now We Are Breaking Up and The Glory. Both are in the process of filming and expected to be released in the second half of 2021.

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After the hot change on the Hollywood screen, netizens thought that Song Hye Kyo should only be loyal to the gentle “Pure Girl” image. In addition, fans are extremely looking forward to her two new films, which are expected to be the next “blockbuster” of Korean cinema.

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