ENHYPEN fans engaged in a “protest battle” in front of HYBE building

After ENHYPEN Korean fans sent a protest truck to demand the removal of female dancers, international fans joined the “battle”.

On May 25th (Korean time), a photo taken in front of HYBE Labels’ building started to spread across social media. In the photo, 4 trucks sent by fans of boy group ENHYPEN can be seen, including 3 protest trucks and 1 support truck.


It is known that the 3 protest trucks were sent by Korean and Chinese fans, who demand ENHYPEN’s agency, Belift Lab and HYBE, to remove female dancers from the group’s latest choreography. Meanwhile, the support truck was sent by ENHYPEN fans from Thailand, who oppose to the Chinese and Korean fans, and want to keep the original choreography.


Previously,  ENHYPEN released their latest song “Bite Me” as well as a seductive performance, which includes a dance duet part with female dancers. 

This choreography has quickly faced an intense wave of opposition from Korean fans, who claimed that it is too early for ENHYPEN to perform such a sensual dance, and that the performance is “shocking” and “uncomfortable”, causing rumors and ridicule towards the members.


These fans also demanded “Bite Me” to perform with only 7 members before the “Inkigayo” stage on MCOUNTDOWN, or else they will “respond with additional actions”. 

Afterwards, a protest truck was sent to the front of HYBE building on May 24th. 

Source: K Crush 

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