ENHYPEN fans send a protest truck, demand removal of female dancers from “Bite Me”

After ENHYPEN perform a seductive duet dance with female dancers in “Bite Me”, fans started to send a protest truck to HYBE.

Boy group ENHYPEN, which is managed by Belift Lab in combination with HYBE Labels,  recently released the song “Bite Me”. In the performance of the song, there was a choreography part, where each member has a dance duet with a female dancer, drawing attention.


However, many fans have since expressed their displeasure with the use of female dancers, as well as the duet part in general. As a result, on May 23rd, a group of ENGENEs (fans of boy group ENHYPEN) released an announcement requesting Belift Lab to remove the dance duet with the female dancers from “Bite Me”. 


In this announcement, fans pointed out that ENHYPEN is a group with an average age of 19.6, and the group hasn’t even celebrated their 3rd debut anniversary. In addition, there are still underage members in the group, so performing a dance that gives off a sensual vibe is still too early. They also added that the shocking and uncomfortable performance, which does not consider the image of the group, has generated unnecessary rumors and ridicule towards the members.

These ENHYPEN fans also declared, “We won’t give your company much time. We demand that the stage be performed only with the 7 members before recording the ‘Bite Me’ stage on MCOUNTDOWN on Thursday. If it’s not modified, we will respond with additional actions. We hope your company makes wise judgments.”

Following the announcement, on the morning of May 24th, the fans sent a protest truck to the front of the HYBE building.

Below are some messages on the truck that ran in front of HYBE: 

  • Belift Lab – the main culprit that causes the fandom’s decline
  • Completely remove the duet dance with female dancers, perform the stage with 7 members only
  • Belift Lab turned fans into fools, the company obstructs artists, the company has no intention of improvement, the least sensitive label within HYBE.

Source: LSB

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