Actress Ryu Han Bi Almost Debuted in NewJeans Instead of Hyein?

Ryu Han Bi’s potential debut with NewJeans took an unexpected turn. 

Young actress Ryu Han Bi, who recently appeared in Netflix’s “XO, Kitty”, was on the brink of debuting in one of the most 4th gen girl groups, NewJeans. However, life took an unforeseen course, leading her down a different path. 

As a child actress, Ryu Han Bi garnered attention for her role in the Chinese boy group TFBOYS’ music video “Adore.” Her talent was further recognized when she received the prestigious “Outstanding Child Actor” award for her performance in MBC’s drama “Come and Hug Me.”


Prior to the official announcement of the lineup of NewJeans, numerous speculations swirled around the members. Ryu Han Bi emerged as a potential candidate as her mother used to follow ADOR and ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin’s accounts on Instagram. However, her mother’s subsequent decision to unfollow their accounts seemed to confirm Ryu Han Bi’s departure from the debut project.

Insiders revealed that Ryu Han Bi briefly joined LE SSERAFIM‘s pre-debut team before ultimately parting ways with HYBE. 


It appears that Ryu Han Bi has chosen to pursue a different path, bidding farewell to the idol industry in favor of an acting career. 

As Ryu Han Bi left, Min Hee Jin, the mastermind behind NewJeans, was tasked with finding a suitable replacement to complete the group. Hyein caught the attention of the ADOR team during her casting for “My Teenage Girl.” 


Impressed by her talent and potential, Hyein joined the company and became the final puzzle piece of NewJeans. Needless to say, NewJeans’ debut was met with resounding success.

It is intriguing to contemplate what might have transpired if Hyein had pursued her journey with “My Teenage Girl,” potentially leading her to debut in CLASS:y. 


Both Hyein and Ryu Han Bi were considered fitting for NewJeans’ concept, but they ultimately embarked on their distinct paths. 

While the possibility remains that Hyein may continue as a trainee or become part of CLASS:y, she ultimately joined NewJeans, one of the “leaders of the new generation,” as described by TIME magazine. 

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