A celebrity, who recently lost 17kg, appeared on a crowded subway 

There is a celebrity who appeared in a crowded subway while boasting an easy-going appearance 

On the afternoon of September 2nd, comedian Shim Jin Hwa posted several photos on her Instagram story, along with the captions “Yesterday’s subway” and “Metro, goodbye”. 

In an uploaded photo, Shim Jin Hwa was taking a picture of her reflection on the subway window with her mobile phone. She seems to have used public transportation despite her celebrity status. 

Previously, Shim Jin Hwa surprised many people by revealing that she lost 17 kg while appearing on the SBS TV program “Dolsing Fourmen”. 

shim jin hwa

Shim Jin Hwa married comedian Kim Won Hyo in 2011 and started a family together. Shee is currently appearing in the tvN STORY and ENA program “Queen of Wrestling” (literal translation).

Source: Wikitree

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