HYBE’s new group debut plan in 2021-2022 has been revealed: BTS and TXT will soon have more rookie juniors, the future of Miyawaki Sakura is causing curiosity

In the next 2 years, HYBE’s sub-labels will debut more idol groups with the aim of conquering many different markets.

HYBE – formerly Big Hit – has expanded its activities and promoted plans to debut new groups under its sub-labels. It is known that HYBE has built a lot of music-related plans, focusing on creating opportunities for each subsidiary to debut their own groups. Therefore, in 2021 to 2022, many auditions will be held.

In the next 2 years, HYBE's sublabels will debut more idol groups with the aim of conquering many different markets.

Recently, a photo of HYBE’s debut plans for rookie groups was revealed. HYBE’s subsidiaries and affiliated companies appearing on the list will debut new groups including: BigHit Music, Source Music, Pledis, Belift Lab and Universal Music Group. Below is a summary of the plans of each company.

BigHit Music

It is known that in mid-2021, Big Hit Japan will release a localized Japanese group (meaning there can still be Korean members or promote in Korea). Previously, Big Hit Japan confirmed that they would debut a Japanese male group with some male trainees from ‘I-LAND’. Currently, they have held an audition to find more members for this group.

In addition, Big Hit will also soon release a new boy group in 2022. The company held many auditions to find talented trainees in 2020. All these auditions are for male trainees only. So after BTS (debuted in 2013) and TXT (debuted in 2019), their junior group operating in Korea is expected to debut in 2022.

In the next 2 years, HYBE's sublabels will debut more idol groups with the aim of conquering many different markets.

Source Music

Source Music will launch their first girl group since GFRIEND debuted in 2015. Source Music’s girl group is expected to debut in 2021. It is unclear if CBO Min Hee Jin is in charge of building image for girl group Source Music or not.

Pledis Entertainment

If Source Music will focus on lauching the girl group, Pledis will be in charge of training the male group. As planned, Pledis also plans to debut a male group in 2022.

Belift Lab

In the next 2 years, HYBE's sublabels will debut more idol groups with the aim of conquering many different markets.

After ‘I-LAND’, Belift Lab immediately focused on preparing the female version of this survival show. Originally planned, the show will be held in 2021. However, it seems that the organizers have postponed the program until 2022. This also means the female version of ‘I-LAND’ ‘will be broadcast next year.

KOZ Entertainment

This is a company founded by Zico and now under HYBE. Currently the company has only 2 solo artists, but the company also plans to debut a new idol group. However, since they haven’t announced any plans or auditions yet. It can be seen that this group will take a few more years to debut. This is also the reason why KOZ’s name does not appear in the photo of HYBE’s new group debut plan in 2021-2022.

Universal Music Group

Last but not least, Universal Music Group (UMG) and Big Hit will jointly launch a global project group in 2022. Previously, in February 2021, the UMG side confirmed that they would join partnering with BTS’s management company to launch a new boy group focused on the US market: Big Hit will be in charge of finding, training and producing content for the group, while UMG will produce and distribute the group’s music globally.

Currently, auditions for this boy group project are still in progress. During HYBE’s presentation, they said this will be a localized American group (meaning that the group will have American members and still be able to promote in Korea).

After reviewing HYBE’s new group debut plans, many Knets felt overwhelmed with the size of the company. There is also a small number of opinions that HYBE is now like a ‘factory’ that produces groups continuously and massively. However, many Knets defended HYBE and said that because there are many small companies under HYBE, and it is very common for each company to focus on their own new group.

There are two things that make Knets more curious. The first is about the ‘localized’ American group that Big Hit collaborates with Universal Music Group. Many people wonder if this is really an all-American group, and how the Big Hit American group will function.

Second, Knet is also curious about the future of Miyawaki Sakura (IZ * ONE). After the activities with IZ * ONE ended, the famous Japanese female idol is said to have signed a contract with Big Hit. Many people are curious whether she will join the new girl group of Source Music that will debut in 2021, or will be a piece of the Big Hit girl group in Japan (Big Hit Japan).

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