6 singers who are making comebacks this April after long hiatuses 

The spring breeze is blowing through the music industry. It is because many singers have announced their comeback plans for the first time after a while.

The April comeback lineup consists of a variety of singers, ranging from big names with more than 10 years of experience to rookies. They are expected to captivate both the ears and hearts of music fans with new songs and herald an intense competition on music charts.


Let’s meet 6 singers that are raising fans’ expectations by announcing their comebacks.

1. Big Bang

About 4 years after the release of “Flower Road”, Big Bang will return as a whole group of four members. This top boy group is scheduled to make a comeback on April 5th. All Big Bang members also showed their excitement for this comeback by posting the teaser photo on their Instagram at the same time. 

BIGBANG comeback 2022

Attention is focused on what song Big Bang, which has made numerous hits, such as “Lie”, “Last Farewell”, “Bang Bang Bang”, etc., will release to bless the public’s ears this time.

2. Hong Jin-young

“Trot queen” Hong Jin-young will also make her comeback after 1 year and 5 months. 

Hong Jin-young made her name be known to the public with “Love Battery” and has been actively releasing various hit songs, such as “Thumb Up”.

Hong Jin Young

It is said that Hong Jin-young already finished recording her new song in March. Fans are really looking forward to her new song after such a long time.

3. Onew

SHINee’s unique vocalist Onew is preparing to return with a new music product this April. This will be his first comeback in about 3 years and 4 months since his first mini-album “Blue”, which was released in December 2018.

Onew recently posted a picture of him practicing dancing on Instagram, hinting at his comeback with a dance song. With his emotional voice and overwhelming singing ability, Onew is expected to show different charms with new songs this spring.

4. Suho

EXO’s leader Suho is also scheduled to make a comeback on April 4th with the second mini-album “Grey Suit”.This album contains 6 songs that will allow you to hear Suho’s sweet vocal and warm emotions.

EXO Suho

This is his first comeback in two years after the release of his first mini-album “Self-Portrait” in March 2020. Fans have raised high expectations since they heard the news that Suho would release an album as soon as he was discharged from the military in February.

5. DKZ

DONGKIZ, the group to which Park Jae-chan, who played the male lead role in the boy love drama ‘Semantic Error’, belongs is making a comeback after changing its name to DKZ.

In addition, Wondae, the first member of DONGKIZ to be introduced to the public has withdrawn from the group and three new members were recruited to form a six-member group.


The public’s interest in DKZ is also increasing due to the success of ‘Semantic Error’. Thanks to that, the ranking of DKZ’s songs is going up on the music charts and the audience is looking forward to the group’s next songs.


After 1 year and 3 months of hiatus, DREAMCATCHER is preparing to make a comeback with a full album in April.


DREAMCATCHER is loved by global fans with its unique concept series and amazing choreography.

What surprises will DREAMCATCHER bring to the audience in the future?


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