Hwang Jung-eum’s feminine and slim sleeveless summer look, “You don’t need to lose weight anymore”

Hwang Jung-eum showed off a bright summer look.

Actress Hwang Jung-eum posted a picture on her Instagram story on July 4th. 

The released photo shows Hwang Jung-eum in her “outfit of the day” with a mirror selfie while going out. 

Hwang Jung-eum’s summer fashion, which is a stripe-patterned sleeveless top and a long white skirt made of denim, attracts attention. In particular, her slim body, which she said she was on a diet with a goal of 52kg, catches everyone’s attention.

Meanwhile, Hwang Jung-eum married Lee Young-don, a professional golfer and businessman, in 2016 and has two sons together. She said she is currently considering her next work and is on a diet after giving birth, adding that she has lost from 63kg to 59kg.

Source: naver

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