Hundreds of X1’s fans demonstrated in front of CJ ENM headquarters

Compared to a similar situation that happened a few days ago by EXO fans, this is considered to be a true protest.

As previously reported, on January 22, the ONE IT (the fandom of X1) in Korea will hold a demonstration in front of CJ ENM headquarters. At 11 am this morning (Korea time), this demonstration took place with the purpose of requiring CJ ENM to keep the promise and take full responsibility for the upcoming activities of X1 as a new group.

The buses, banners, and slogans were placed outside the CJ ENM building. The messages on the banners said: “CJ ENM, stop denying responsibility”, and “Re-debut X1 as a new group”. The ONE IT community believes that CJ ENM must be responsible for forming a new group including all 11 members of X1 and supporting all activities of the group in the future.

On January 6, X1 officially disbanded after a private meeting of the representatives of management companies and CJ ENM. This happened exactly one week after CJ held a press conference announcing that they would compensate those who suffered from the vote fraud scandal of “Produce X 101” and will also support X1 to continue their activities. For this reason, X1’s fans held a demonstration asking CJ to do exactly what they promised.

According to the reporters, about 800 fans gathered to demonstrate in front of the CJ ENM building. Compared to what happened a few days ago where Korean EXO-Ls came to SMTOWN Coex Atrium in order to ask SM to remove Chen from EXO, many people thought that this was a true demonstration.

Currently, the number of X1 fans who appeared at the demonstration is said to continue to increase, yet CJ ENM has still not made any action.

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