“Hot Summer” was once the SNSD’s theme song before being assigned to f(x)

The Kpop fan community was shocked when they found a YouTube account leaking on a very valuable demo. This is the demo of the song “Hot Summer”, a hit that was released by f(x) in 2011 summer.

In the original version, “Hot Summer” was called “TAKE 0VER” and was presented by SNSD.

Fans were so touched when they heard Jessica’s voice in the recording, it’s been so long since SNSD’s OT9 was no longer on the same stage. Feelings of missing and sadness are difficult to avoid.

Demo “TAKE 0VER”:

With their unique and impressive vocal skills, many predicted, if SNSD had released “TAKE 0VER”, this would have been another hit in their successful music career.

In contrast, f(x) was also praised for bringing in new, youthful and vibrant colors for “Hot Summer”, unlike the charms that SNSD expressed.

MV “Hot Summer”:

Let’s listen to both records. Which version do you prefer, “TAKE 0VER” by SNSD or “Hot Summer” by f (x)?

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