This girl group member is so pretty that Park Jin Young made her debut just by looking at her face

The process of how NiziU’s Ayaka debuted became a hot topic among netizens.

NiziU is a JYP girl group composed of all Japanese members. The members were directly selected through an audition in Japan and applied with a K-pop training system.

NiziU Akaya

Member Ayaka was an ordinary girl who participated in the survival show “Nizi Project” through which NiziU members were chosen.

At the local audition, Park Jin Young told Ayaka that she reminded him of Suzy. Thanks to her visuals and star quality, Ayaka was the only contestant to pass the audition despite her lack of skills.

NiziU Akaya

Ayaka had a history of attending a dance academy as a hobby in the past, but her performance was poor. However, she showed a step-by-step growth and received a good response.

Ayaka was still criticized by the public for her lacking vocals. She received comments such as “It sounds like she is singing children’s songs.” But she managed to show an image of developing with effort and captivated the public with her growth.

NiziU Akaya

Afterwards, Ayaka passed the final audition in Japan and participated in the Korean audition. She later passed the final 8th place and debuted in NiziU.

NiziU entered the Osaka Kyocera Dome in December 2020, less than two years after their debut, and surprised fans by breaking the record for the shortest period of time for a female artist to enter a dome.

NiziU Akaya

In addition, the MV of their pre-debut song “Make you happy” set another record, becoming the first Japanese girl group to surpass 300 million views on YouTube.

NiziU Akaya

Meanwhile, according to Xports News, it was revealed that NiziU will release their first album in Korea in 2023 and embark on full-fledged activities in the Korean market.

Source: Daum. 

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