Red Velvet’s jaw-dropping net worth 

Red Velvet earns billions of dollars of profit each year. 

According to Networthspot, up to early 2022, Red Velvet has a net worth of 8.06 million USD (apprx. 11 billion won). While their net worth as a group is already impressive, individual members have even more astounding numbers, thanks to their solo activities, acting and commercial deals, piquing the public’s curiosity into who is the wealthiest in Red Velvet. 

red velvet dream concert 2022
Red Velvet is one of the most popular groups in Korea.
red velvet
The group garnered billions of dollars of  profit every year thanks to their hectic schedules.
red velvet
Thanks to their hard work in the entertainment industry in recent years, Red Velvet has earned a net worth of more than 8 million USD (11 billion won).

Irene is reputed as the “CF Queen” so it does not come as a surprise that she owns ground-breaking assets. According to AffairPost, Irene’s properties are valued at 4 million USD (5.5 billion won). Apart from her main singing activities, she also has big-budget offers from brands as their ambassador or face of their product. It was reported that Irene was paid 1 billion won from a brand to have a nod from her.

Irene is the leader of Red Velvet, earning a massive fortune.
Irene Red Velvet
Irene has a net worth of 4 million USD (5.5 billion won) thanks to her busy schedules.

Much as it was an impressive figure, Irene is not the wealthiest member in Red Velvet. It is in fact Joy, who is valued at up to 5 million USD (nearly 7 billion won). During a livestream, Joy accidentally revealed that she has a 50-bedroom villa in Canada, always ready to welcome friends to visit. This statement surprised many people. Yet, some viewers were more skeptical of the authenticity of her words.

Joy Red velvet
Joy is the member with the highest net worth in Red Velvet.
Red Velvet Joy
Joy frequently boasts her check-in photos in fancy places and enjoys a luxurious life.

The other three members also own a tremendous net worth. According to AffairPost, Seulgi and Wendy own a figure of nearly 4 million USD (5.5 billion won) while Yeri owns a net worth of 2 million USD (2.7 billion won).

Seulgi boasts her fancy lifestyle, often seen carrying a designer’s bag.
Wendy often posts photos of her trips in other Western destinations.
Yeri also spends time enjoying her luxurious life.

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