A sensible question asked by EXO’s Kai to a pregnant customer caught the attention

Udo Jumak: “Can you drink tea?”… EXO’s Kai’s question towards pregnant customer received favorable comments

In tvN’s ‘Udo Jumak’, which aired on the 12th, Kim Hee-sun, Tak Jae-hoon, Moon Se-yoon, Yoo Tae-oh, and Kai appeared at the newlyweds-only inn and served food.

On this day, when the newlyweds with the wife in her 6th month of pregnancy appeared, Kai approached them and wanted to serve welcome tea.

He asked, “Maybe water or something… Probably you have to be careful due to pregnancy. Can you drink tea?”, the couple replied, “Yes, it’s okay.”

To this, netizens showed various reactions such as “Really delicate and good question! Surprised after watching the broadcast”, “A sample of a sensible and considerate person”, “I feel like he has done a lot of part-time here? You’re doing a good job”…

At the same time, Kai’s knowledge of pregnant women also raised curiosity. Netizens speculated that it was because of his two older sisters. Last November, Kai appeared on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ and revealed his nephew along with his house.

 tvN’s ‘Udo Jumak’, starring EXO’s Kai, is broadcast every Monday at 10:30 PM.

Source: Nate

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