Seungri shed tears and promised to be “reborn” during the latest trial,

During the 25th trial held at the Military Court of Ground Operations Command in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province on June 1, the prosecutor requested a sentence of 5 years in prison and a fine of 20 million won for Seungri – who was prosecuted for 9 crimes.

Specifically, they are Use of prostitution services, Prostitution brokerage, Gambling, Embezzlement, Violation of Food Sanitation Act, Violation of Foreign Exchange Trade Act, Violation of Sex Crimes Act for spreading hidden camera content, and Instigating special violence.

However, Seungri denied almost all charges, except for violating the Foreign Exchange Trade Act.

Seungri’s legal representative claimed, “Though they did share photos from advertising messages, they did not film anything personally. Though Jung Joon Young and Jonghun have admitted to sharing such photographs and thus found guilty of violating the Information Communication Act, Seungri is not related to this at all.”

Although Seungri denied 8/9 of the charges, the prosecutor stated, “The defendant has committed crimes continuously for many years.  Defendant used Korean women to mediate prostitution for foreign investors for his personal financial gain, and he also maintained relationships with them through gambling. Monkey Museum is an illegal entertainment establishment that has existed for many years despite the crackdown.  The defendant’s offenses ranged from brokering prostitution to gambling.  All stem from the defendant’s lack of adequate education when he reached adulthood. Although the defendant is the biggest beneficiary of these crimes, the defendant does not repent, repeatedly says he is not involved and blames others.”

At the end of the trial, Seungri broke down in tears, “I promise to redo my life.  I apologize to my former colleagues, officials from my former company, and my family, who had to go through a difficult time because of me.”

*The prosecutor’s recommendation is not the final outcome of the sentence.

Source: AK

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