Kang Min-hyuk “I chose ‘Havana’ because of its good story”

Actor Kang Min-hyuk reflects on his experience working on the movie “Havana”, which he shot 2 years ago but is now releasing to the public

He recalls the preparation process and moments during filming, expressing his satisfaction with being part of a film that can leave an impact on someone’s heart.

“Havana” marks the directorial debut of Hong Yong-ho, a renowned storyteller in the legal drama genre in Korean cinema. The film is a crime thriller centered around a murder case where the client, wrongly accused, seeks exoneration while the defense attorney aims to find the real perpetrator. Kang Min-hyuk plays the role of defense attorney Lee Jung-min.

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Kang Min-hyuk found the script intriguing and felt confident in the director’s expertise as an incumbent lawyer, believing it would provide valuable guidance in his portrayal. He appreciated the opportunity to work on a project that combined a compelling script with the director’s legal background.

Director Hong actively used his legal profession to enhance the film’s authenticity in terms of courtroom procedures, legal details and realism. Kang Min-hyuk did not feel burdened by acting in front of a director who is also an incumbent lawyer but rather saw it as an opportunity to improve his performance by having an expert’s guidance readily available.

Kang Min-hyuk also emphasized the importance of maintaining emotional consistency and immersion in his role as the third-party perspective in the film, not distracting the audience’s attention.

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The actor mentioned his efforts in perfecting the film’s narration, as his voice tone and delivery played a crucial role in guiding the audience through the story. He recorded multiple versions of the narration to ensure it matched the emotional journey of the film.

“Havana” received critical acclaim even before its release, winning the Best Story Award at the Boston International Film Festival and participating in various international film festivals. Kang Min-hyuk believes that the universal theme of seeking the truth in the legal genre makes it relatable to audiences worldwide.

In his career, Kang Min-hyuk has portrayed diverse characters in many works including Netflix’s series “Celebrity” and the movie “Havana”. He places more importance on the story itself rather than the characters and believes that a compelling script naturally strengthens the characters.

Apart from his acting career, Kang Min-hyuk is preparing for CNBLUE’s concert “CNBLUENTITY”, which is scheduled to take place at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park on October 6th and 7th. He is eagerly looking forward to performing in a concert again after 6 years due to military service and the pandemic. As a singer-actor, he aims to give his best in every endeavor and prioritize his health and happiness.

Source: Daum

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