Lisa shed tears at the mention of her deceased grandfather

Using her story to motivate the trainees, Lisa (BLACKPINK) mentioned her deceased grandfather.

As a dance coach in Youth With You 3, Lisa (BLACKPINK) always gives much advice to trainees.  The female idol uses her own story as reality proves.  Recently, the youngest member of BLACKPINK also mentioned the deceased grandfather to encourage her students.

In the latest episode of Youth With You 3, Lisa touched many people when she encouraged and comforted her students.  When she heard the story of a trainee, Lisa mentioned her deceased grandfather.

“On my recent birthday a few weeks ago, my grandfather passed away. It has been 2 years since I have not been to visit him. I met him for the last time while touring Thailand.  He came to see me to say goodbye, but I know that he will always be by my side. So I believe that your father will be with you as well.” 

The youngest member of BLACKPINK confided: 

Originally a professional idol in front of the camera, but Lisa still could not hide her emotions when referring to her grandfather.  She choked to tears.  Referring to her own sad story, Lisa hoped that this trainee can stay steadfast on his future path

After listening to Lisa’s share, the program trainees all had a sad feeling.  Above all, they also admired this young but strong girl.  Despite facing the pain of losing a loved one, Lisa still did not collapse, she did not show any negative things to fans on social networks.

On the fan side, many BLINKs burst into tears when Lisa confided in her grandfather.  Fans constantly leave comments to encourage the female idol.  BLINKs hope Lisa will soon calm down and always keep the trust that her deceased grandfather is still by her side.

At the end of March 2021, fans were surprised when information about Lisa’s grandfather’s departure was updated on social networks.  The heartbreaking photos of the grandfather’s funeral appeared on Lisa’s birthday.  Because of the epidemic, the maknae of BLACKPINK cannot return home to see him for the last time.  Fans are very sorry for Lisa because of this.

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