12 facts you didn’t know about “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Park Eun Bin (pt. 2): Refused to play Woo Young Woo many times, and more 

Here are 6 more facts you may have missed about Park Eun Bin. 

6. Park Eun Bin’s character Song Ji Won in the popular drama “Age of Youth” is 180 degrees different from her real-life self. However, thanks to her excellent acting skills, Park Eun Bin perfectly nailed the part and Song Ji Won is even considered one of her most iconic characters. 

7. Playing a violinist in the 2020 drama “Do You Like Brahms?”, she challenged herself in performing the Frank Violin Sonata and Brahms Violin Sonata, which are not easy even for her professional players, and she did it without the help of a double. Park Eun Bin’s dedication drew admiration from classic industry professionals. 

8. Park Eun Bin describes herself as a “roombody”, which is even beyond a “homebody”. She revealed that she felt the happiest by doing nothing and just resting in her room on days without schedules. 

9. Park Eun Bin rejected the offer to play the lead in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” many times because she felt burdened by taking on such a challenging role. However, the drama’s production crew was determined to have Woo Young Woo portrayed by Park Eun Bin, so they waited for her to finish the filming for another drama and delayed the filming of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” for a year.

10. Moon Ji Won, the writer of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, was the writer of the movie “Innocent Witness” and dealt with the same subject, autism. Ji Woo, the main character of “Innocent Witness”, also has autism and dreams of becoming a lawyer. 

11. The reason why Woo Young Woo wears a headset in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is an “alternative mechanism” for her to suppress stress and anxiety. Young Woo feels safe when listening to the whales and imagining her own world. 

12. “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” marks the first reunion of Park Eun Bin and Baek Ji Won, who plays CEO Han Seon Yeong of the Hanbada law firm, after “Do You Like Brahms?”.

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