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“Will you marry me?” Hong Seok-cheon chose this comedian as his fake marriage partner

The deal between broadcaster Hong Seok-cheon and comedian Kim Sook in the past has been revealed.

On KBS2’s “Problem Child in House“, which aired on July 27th, Kim Ji-min and Hong Seok-cheon talked about love.

When familiar faces Kim Ji-min and Hong Seok-cheon appeared as “Today’s Problem Child”, the MCs looked disappointed. As Kim Ji-min, who appeared with Hong Seok-cheon, is in a public relationship with Kim Jun-ho, Kim Jong-kook asked Hong Seok-cheon, “Do you have a relationship to disclose?”

Hong Seok-cheon perplexed Kim Jong-kook as he asked back, “Are you curious?” Hong Seok-cheon then mentioned Kim Ji-min’s love affair, “I usually win everything, but this time I lost because of Ji-min’s dating news.”

Kim Ji-min made everyone laugh by revealing, “He called me recently after I announced my relationship. (Hong Seok-cheon) said, ‘Congratulations. Let’s get to know each other well. That’s such a relief. Your ideal type doesn’t overlap with mine.'”

Hong Seok-cheon replied, “I really congratulate you, but if you get married, the congratulatory money will cost too much. I can’t take it back.” Then he called Kim Sook’s name all of a sudden, raising MCs’ curiosity.

Kim Sook, who closed her eyes tightly, made a tired expression saying, “Is it me again?” Song Eun-yi, who is close to Kim Sook, confessed, “Kim Sook and Hong Seok-cheon had a deal. Hong Seok-cheon proposed to Kim Sook.”

Kim Sook made everyone burst into laughter by explaining, “Hong Seok-cheon seriously said, ‘Sook, will you marry me?’ We lost too much money. We should take it back one day.’ He even asked me to go pick up men with him.”

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