This 40-year-old actress showed her college credit grades on the community site of Sunkyunkwan University

Actress Goo Hye Sun, who turned 40 this year, boasted about her college score.

On January 19th, Goo Hye Sun revealed several photos on her Instagram to certify that she made a post on Everytime, the university community of Sunkyunkwan University. 

Goo Hye Sun

Along with the proof photos, the actress said, “I received many DMs (direct messages) from fellow students, so I’m leaving a post here”, adding “I wrote the post on Everytime myself. I promise to have meals with you when school starts”.

Earlier, Goo Hye Sun posted on Everytime, saying “Hello everyone. I’m Goo Hye Sun. Goo Hye Sun of Class 11, who starts studying late (I’m forty!!!!) It’s my first time leaving a post on Everytime”, adding “I recently had a lecture on Season 6 at the X Campus of Sunkyungkwan University, so I wanted to share the video of the lecture!”.

Sungkyunkwan University

She continued, “I’m in my graduation semester this year, but I haven’t earned enough credits so I’m taking an extra semester. You may have difficulties even when taking the summer or winter semesters. Let’s greet each other when we meet at school!”

Goo Hye-sun

Goo Hye Sun also certified her grades, which are in the range of 4 points. She said, “I’m quite slow in studying and have been crawling around in the process. I think my results are okay, so I share them here”, adding “Let’s work hard until the end for today!”, drawing attention.

Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun was born in 1984 and just turned 40 this year. She’s currently studying in the Department of Visual Arts at Sunkyunkwan University.

Source: wikitree

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