Lisa “suffered” various “injuries” from BLACKPINK members

BLACKPINK Lisa has “suffered” from various hilarious “accidents” when she interact with other BLACKPINK members

Lisa has never disappointed fans with her outstanding visuals, skills, and powerful presence on stage. However, behind the scenes, she’s actually a rather “unlucky fellow”, who suffers from various hilarious accidents from fellow group mates. 

Accidentally “punched” by Jisoo at Thailand concert 

BLACKPINK has performed two extremely successful concerts in Lisa’s home nation, Thailand, which were attended by over 85 thousand audiences. However, she not only went viral for her stage presence, but also for being “punched” by group mate Jisoo. 

In particular, while dancing to “Shut Down”, Jisoo’s arm accidentally hit Lisa’s face. Professional as she is, Lisa continues dancing as normal, while Jisoo was extremely worried about the female idol. In the end, Lisa recalled the incident with a smile, and Jisoo’s cute interaction with her won over the audience’ heart. 

Blackpink Lisa Jisoo
Lisa was “punched” by Jisoo while on stage

“Slapped” by Rosé before Inkigayo’s “Pink Venom” stage

In the 2nds episode of B.P.M (BORN PINK Memories), YG Entertainment revealed various behind-the-scenes moments of BLACKPINK prior to their “Pink Venom” stage on Inkigayo. Here, Lisa can be seen helping Rosé stretch her body, only for Rosé’s hand to accidentally hit her face. Lisa’s reaction even became a viral “meme” used by fans in hilarious situations. 

Blackpink Lisa Rose
Rosé accidentally “slapped” Lisa in the face 

Getting her foot stepped on by Rosé, year after year 

Close as they are, Rosé and Lisa have been constantly involved in “accidents”, and there is even a compilation of Rosé stepping on Lisa’s foot by mistake. In fact, Lisa seems to have got used to her clumsy friend, and thus not reacting at all when moments like these happen. 

Blackpink Lisa Rose
Rosé stepped on Lisa’s foot during a performance of “DDU-DU DDU-DU” in 2018 
Blackpink Lisa Rose
The same incident also happened in a dance practice 
Blackpink Lisa Rose
A practice session of “Pink Venom” also show Rosé accidentally stepping on Lisa

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