Will Song Joong Ki, who is growing even bigger, welcome Park Bo Gum to his agency?

As Park Bo Gum’s contract with Blossom Entertainment recently ended, his next destination is the hottest topic at the moment.

Actor Park Bo Gum has emerged as the hottest name at the moment. Amid various invitations from different agencies, attention is being paid to the possibility of Park Bo Gum moving to HighZium Studio, the agency of actor Song Joong Ki, whom he has a long history with at their former agency.

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Park Bo Gum stepped into the market in December last year when his exclusive contract with Blossom Entertainment, which had been with him for more than 10 years, ended.

After that, there have been reports that Park Bo Gum has signed an exclusive contract with YG Entertainment based on his close relationship with Sean. However, YG Entertainment denied the rumor.

Currently, Park Bo Gum is expected to have two main choices. He can either establish his own one-man agency or choose a management company that can support his acting career. It has been nearly a month, but given that Park has not yet decided his future, he seems to be carefully considering various possibilities.

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Among them, the public is paying attention to the possibility of him moving to Song Joong Ki’s current agency, HighZium Studio, as they have a long-standing relationship when both were still at Blossom Entertainment.

HighZium Studio is seeking to become a comprehensive entertainment company in all areas of planning, production, and management, and is making all-out efforts to expand its presence through actor recruitment. Currently, the agency has actors Lee Jong Suk, Kim Ji Won, Seo Eun Soo, Geum Sae Rok, Ko Bo Gyeol, Oh Ui Sik, and Yang Kyung Won.

As a result, HighZium Studio is also interested in recruiting Park Bo Gum. From Park Bo Gum’s point of view, it will be a win-win situation if he signs with Song Joong Ki’s agency.

Source: TV Daily

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