“Single’s Inferno 2” participant who made headlines as his face was rubbed by former president Moon Jae In

A past photo of “Single’s Inferno 2” Kim Jin Young was re-examined by netizens.

Recently, a post titled “Korea’s first young man whose face was rubbed by the president” was uploaded on major online communities such as theqoo, drawing attention. The young man mentioned in this post was none other than Kim Jin Young, a male participant of “Single’s Inferno 2“. Regarding Kim Jin Young’s unexpected past, many netizens were surprised and responded that it was amazing.

single inferno 2

As Kim Jin Young revealed on “Single’s Inferno 2”, he is from UDT. Kim Jin Young, who was dispatched to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during his UDT service, met former president Moon Jae In there. In March 2018, during his tenure, former president Moon visited the Akh unit in Abu Dhabi, UAE. At that time, Kim Jin Young exchanged greetings with former president Moon and had an unusual request “Please rub my cheeks“.

Moon Jae-in
Moon Jae-in

Kim Jin Young once released an anecdote he had with former President Moon Jae In on a live broadcast hosted by BJ-Youtuber Oking in March last year. Revealing his special experience, he said, “With the thought that I should leave a strong impression in front of the President because that was the only chance in my life, I said ‘Mr. President! Please stroke my cheeks!’. Then I pulled the President’s hands and made him grab my cheeks with both hands. The bodyguards were immediately on security posture”.

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He continued, “At that time, I was really the youngest person there. I think I was able to do that because I was the youngest”, adding “There was no one younger than me at that time, so I didn’t have to be too serious. The seniors also applauded my confidence and spirit.

Meanwhile, Kim Jin Young is considered one of the contributors to the success of “Single’s Inferno 2”. As soon as Kim Jin Young appeared on the show, he shook the game and captivated the hearts of many female cast members. He formed a two-sided love line with Shin Seul Ki but ended up leaving Hell Island alone because he couldn’t win her heart in the final selection.

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