What Song Ji Hyo should do to improve her performance in “Running Man”

How can Song Ji Hyo‘s performance in “Running Man”, which has been pointed out for many years, be improved?

Song Ji Hyo joined “Running Man” in 2010 after gaining popularity for her cute and easy-going image in other shows and dramas. She showed a fearless and competitive side, often participating in physical challenges alongside male cast members. Her active involvement in the show earned her recognition, and she even won awards for her contributions.

Song Ji hyo

However, as the show’s format changed and faced challenges like declining ratings and health issues among the members, Song Ji Hyo’s presence and participation noticeably decreased. Her quiet and reserved personality hindered her ability to provide quick and witty remarks, and she struggled to establish chemistry with guest celebrities. The format of “Running Man” was not conducive to showcasing Song Ji Hyo’s strengths.

Furthermore, the addition of another female member, Jeon So Min, further highlighted Song Ji Hyo’s diminishing role. Jeon So Min quickly adapted to the show’s entertainment style and received a warm response from viewers. Song Ji Hyo seemed to struggle to keep up, leading to the perception that she was tired and worn out.

It should be noted that Song Ji Hyo’s perceived lack of enthusiasm on the show is not intentional. In a previous episode, fellow cast member Yoo Jae Suk mentioned that Song Ji Hyo would call him after filming and express regret about her outfit or promise to prepare better for the next episode, indicating her passion for the show.

Besides, Song Ji Hyo is currently embroiled in a legal battle with her former agency. This factor may have contributed to her more passive attitude in recent episodes.

The key to the success of any long-running variety show lies in the chemistry among the cast members. As “Running Man” has been loved by audiences domestically and internationally for 13 years, it is crucial to find a way to overcome the current crisis without removing Song Ji Hyo, who has been a fixed member for so long. The efforts of the production team to revive Song Ji Hyo’s character, as well as her active participation, will be vital in restoring the show’s appeal.

Source: Naver

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