HOT: Song Joong Ki has to face his first scandal in his career due to illegal construction and causing a traffic accident

Currently, Song Joong Ki’s new scandal has become the talk of the town.

According to Korean newspaper source, Song Joong Ki is facing conflict with his Itaewon neighbors due to house renovations. The actor’s villa in the Itaewon area received complaints from nearby residents because the actor arbitrarily changed the height and angle that the street slopes at to make sure his driveway and parking area for his house are at matching levels. This not only violates the law on road management but also inconveniences people around.

Some residents reflected that due to the steep slope that was not there previously, accidents have occurred and many cars are getting scratches on the undersides of their cars. There was a dangerous accident that happened, the sled nearly crashed into the opposite building.

The Yongsan government (Seoul) has declared that it is illegal to revise the road without permission. They informed side to request the road to be restored to the original level

Song Joong Ki’s agency announced that they submitted the road modification plan to the relevant departments yesterday. They also promised to restore the road to its original shape.

Source: K14

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