Mnet’s overusing of “Street Woman Fighter” fame has become an issue

Words are spreading about the ironic situation where Mnet is being overdemanding and overusing the viral show “Street Woman Fighter”.

According to multiple officials recently, Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” has made an unexpectedly large public sensation, and the production team is eager to release more follow-up work. They are trying to make a profit from “Street Woman Fighter” as much as possible by producing additional content and creating content that wasn’t even a thing before, such as posting the dancers’ fancams.

Street Woman Fighter

Mnet’s upper management also got their hand in the schedule. It is reported that the spin-off content “Street Girls Fighter” has been urgently produced without proper prior consultation, and demand for a sudden schedule has become more frequent. The announcement is delivered in a notification manner without any prior coordination. Since it is a broadcasting company schedule, we have no choice but to follow, but it is our responsibility to cancel the planned schedules and apologize”, he said cautiously.

Street Woman Fighter

The participants from “Street Woman Fighter” have already appeared in “KCON:TACT HI5” earlier this month. It is also reported that they were having an internal discussion about a collaboration on the “MAMA” stage at the end of this year.

An official said, “The positive effects on the perception about choreographers thanks to “Street Women Fighter” are clear, but the broadcaster’s attitude of excessively using the sensation created by the dancers does not look good”. A close aide to the dancer said, “There are many dancers who are experiencing broadcasting for the first time, which led to many difficulties in coordination and words come out.”

Street Woman Fighter

Another official criticized Mnet’s attitude of being more interested in the profit rather than the message, saying, “There are many disappointing responses to the editing or the composition in the main broadcast and elimination crew specials.” The production team of “Street Woman Fighter” is also a controversial topic due to their mistakes such as adding subtitles without knowing the dancer’s name, posting scores with calculation mistakes, and unknowingly covered the host’s face with CG.

Source: Daum

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