The courageous late Sulli, who used to live as a pioneer in social movements but eventually became the target of public criticism 

Today (Oct 14th, 2022) is three years since Sulli (real name Choi Jin-ri) left the world.

Sulli’s time stopped on October 14th, 2019. The day, in which everyone was shocked as soon as they saw the articles and hoped it was not true, has come again. 

Sulli used to be hated as much as the love she received. Only after she left did people begin to cherish her and glorify her past. Due to her pretty face, people ignored her heart and wanted her to make them smile because she was an idol. 


Sulli was smart and self-centered, but people judged her as an “issue maker” who had unique behaviors because she was wearing the colorful glasses of an artist.

Any fan of K-pop second-generaion idols would know Sulli, who was introduced as a member of SM’s new girl group in 2009. The whole industry was turned upside down by the appearance of a girl whose existence was already lovely. Sulli was always mentioned on broadcasts.

Sulli, who gained the nickname “Human Peach” and huge popularity through the activities of her group f(x), had been on a roll. At the age of 20, she met a hip-hop singer who is 14 years older than her and her life changed in a bad way.


Along with f(x) promotions, Sulli became an adult but she was so pure and a little clumsy that fans called her by the lovely name “Human Peach”. However, Sulli’s ex-boyfriend did not lead Sulli well as a lover and a senior in life. He did not protect her but sat on the sidelines and encouraged haters by writing sexually harassing lyrics. Although he made mistakes out of intention, many fans who loved Sulli couldn’t accept it and turned their back on her.

Sulli left f(x) in 2015 and began to show her true personality more freely. She wanted everyone to treat her equal as a “colleague” by calling actors with large age differences “~ssi” instead of “senior”. 

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She also tried to make up for her mistakes after breaking up with her boyfriend. On Independence Movement Day (March 1st), she posted, “I want to send my comfort and support to grandmothers who were victims of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery”, and shouted “Hurray for the independence of Korea”. Despite strong protests from Japanese fans, Sulli stayed firm.

In addition, she raised her voice against the abolition of the abortion law, saying”All women have the right to make their own choice,” and shouted for feminism by wearing a T-shirt with the phrase “GIRLS SUPPORTING GIRLS.”

In particular, Sulli drew social attention as she insisted on “Women’s ‘No Bra’ Rights” at the time discussions on feminism were a hot topic. She made headlines by showing up in public without wearing a bra many times. In response to those who argued about whether a woman should wear bras or not, she said, “Wearing bras is not good for women’s health and it’s just an accessory”, adding “I actually hate eye rapping more than that (wearing bras)”.


Looking back on that now, her moves were not strange and weird at all, but they used to be criticized a lot at the time. Sulli just acted like Sulli herself, but the public who looked at her and considered her a public figure only regarded her as a target for their criticism.

Sulli, who had been favored since her debut, knew the answer to how to be loved. However, Sulli didn’t want to give up on herself just to receive love. “I tried to think that people were pushing me away because they couldn’t understand me, not hate me”, Sulli did try to understand the public.

Why is HyunA never loved by netizens like Sulli while they are both rebellious16

I wanted to be loved by the public. Of course, but I don’t want to change my identity just because I want to be loved by many people. Isn’t it too bad if we have to suppress ourselves even when we have the freedom to do things? People who think differently from me are wrong, but not bad. We’re just too different. I think they will get used to it over time”, said Sulli during CéCi Interview in 2016.

Sulli focused on herself, not others’ standards. Choi Jin-ri tried to find her life by choosing and deciding without being restricted by the social framework. We really lost this nice girl too early.

Source: daum

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