HOLYBANG “Dancers date artists? I did hear a few stories”

Dance crew HOLYBANG revealed the dancer world’s secrets.

On Feb 24th, a video titled “Secretly dating singers? Celebrities’ power abuse? The dancer world’s secrets revealed by HOLYBANG” was uploaded on HOLYBANG’s YouTube channel.

holy bang

In the video, HOLYBANG members had time to answer questions from subscribers.

The first question was about “the main sources of income for dancers”. Hertz said, “The most stable income was giving lessons.” Eevee also replied, “Lessons and performing on air.” When asked “What idol do you respect for their dance?”, Hertz picked BLACKPINK Lisa and explained, “Just how she goes with the rhythm… It’s different. She’s not just good. She has a type of hip-hop swag.” The two then chose CL and NewJeans as the artists they want to work with.

In particular, the question “Do some dancers start dating artists that they work with?” drew attention. Hertz shared, “I did hear a few stories. Rumors spread from comments. ‘Aren’t they dating?’, ‘They must be’… I’m serious. I was surprised.”

Besides, when asked “Was there any celeb who bossed around people?”, the two hesitated, “How far can I go? How should we say this? We can’t lose our people.” They then confessed, “Sometimes when I go to performances, some people wear heels. There was a staff member who was wearing heels and the artist was wearing slippers! They switched because their feet hurt. It was a big stage, so there were a lot of stairs and it was slippery. But the staff member was still wearing the heels. She changed her shoes off the stage. We’re dancers, so when I see staff members like that, I feel bad.”

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