NMIXX on their way to MIXXtopia. What are the meanings behind the images of the ship, domino, and jellyfish in M/V “O.O”?

Did you notice what these details symbolize while watching NMIXX’s “O.O” M/V?

JYP Entertainment’s rookie girl group NMIXX released their debut single “AD MARE” on the 22nd of last month and is setting unprecedented records. The initial sales of their album reached 227,399 copies, ranking No.1 among girl groups’ debut albums, and their debut music video also surpassed 40 million views on the 6th day of its release.

NMIXX presented fresh energy through the debut title called “O.O” together with its music video. “O.O” is a “MIXX POP”, which contains two or more genres in one track, and a song that embodies the shape of eyes opening widely with surprise and the exclamation “Oh!”. This is an experimental song that mixes intense Trap, unconventional Bailey Funk, and Teenage Pop Rock, and the music video also shows 3 colorful stories along with the variations in the song’s genre. 

◆ The 1st story, “NMIXX knocked down the wall of reality”


The first scene of the music video begins in a foggy place. The members appear in the desolate background that has a huge ship. The ship matches with the group’s intention to plan “an adventure to find MIXXtopia”, but the mood that is contrary to the utopia they want to discover is noticeable.


The set changed from a gray background to a city theme, and “domino” is captured as an important material in this scene. As you can see, Lily knocks down a row of dominoes, while Kyu-jin runs quickly and drills through huge walls reminiscent of dominoes. Moreover, the scenes of NMIXX members dancing on a set surrounded by collapsing dominoes are also shown. This depicts NMIXX’s effort to break down the wall of reality and head to MIXXtopia.

◆ The 2nd story, “NMIXX arrived at Mixtopia”.


As soon as the genre of the song changes to Teenage Pop Rock, the rushing wall turns into a door, unfolding a colorful background completely different from the previous sets. Jellyfish and other marine creatures and donuts float in the air. It is also reminiscent of various jelly appearing in Netflix’s “The School Nurse Files.” And flowers bloom where NMIXX passes, and unlike the first story, the costume changes to a colorful dress that stands out in color. Utopia, which crosses the sea and sky and has no limit, appears in front of them.

◆ The 3rd story “NMIXX returned to the real world”


The genre returns after ‘finally we’ll Win’, and NMIXX also returns from Mixtopia to the dark real world. However, there are different points compared to the first story. The lights were turned on consecutively around the members and the car headlights came on along with the eye-shaped lights reminiscent of NMIXX and the song title ‘O.O‘, which woke up to a new change. And the fish in the air seen in the second story also appeared in the real world. After experiencing Mixtopia, NMIXX shows a different image from before.


At the end of the music video, Ji-Woo appears, looking at the lighting that has changed to ‘NMIXX‘ after ‘PICK‘ is turned off in ‘PICK N MIXX‘.  Unlike the girl groups that were previously introduced at JYP, NMIXX has its own worldview and concept, making people look forward to the expansion of NMIXX worldview in the future.

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