BLACK PINK Jisoo and Lisa with their 180 degrees different charm today

The 2 members of BLACK PINK showed off their 180-degree different charm today.

First, Jisoo posted a picture of her with her dog Dalgomie on Instagram on the 21st.

Jisu was having a happy time with Dalgomie. She also showed off a fresh look in front of the camera.

She was like a cute girlfriend who love her puppy very much.

What about Lisa? She is living a New Yorker life in Times Square in the U.S. She took a nice and cool selfie of herself having a drink at the outdoor table.

Especially, her perfect model-like body proportions caught everyone’s eyes even from far away. Let’s take a look at Jisoo and Lisa’s 180-degree different charms.

Meanwhile, BLACK PINK is working on a new album with a goal of making a comeback in the first half of this year.

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