‘High Kick!’ child actor’s appearance in recent reunion draws the attention for his grown-up look

Little Junie of ‘High Kick!’ is now a 16-year-old teenager. 

Born in 2006, Go Chae Min – who took on the role of Lee Junie, is the youngest actor of the legendary Korean sitcom ‘High Kick!’. Although the majority of his screen time is moments of him eating, sleeping and crying, Chae Min’s character is still well-loved by the audience because of how adorable he looks. In the drama, Junie is the child of uncle Min Yong and ex-wife Shin Ji, who grows up to be an astronaut and tells the story of his hilarious family.

go chae min high kick
go chae min high kick
Go Chae Min of ‘High Kick!’
go chae min high kick
The baby boy was only 1 year old at the time

Recently, in the cast and crew reunion to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the broadcast of ‘High Kick!’, Go Chae Min also made an appearance, making the audience extremely surprised. After 15 years, from the baby boy who was held by grandpa Soon Jae, little Jun has grown up into a tall, mature 16-year-old teenager. Looking at Go Min Chae, fans of the sitcom realize how quickly time passes.

  • Seeing how little Jun has grown, I realize I’m too old
  • 16 years have passed yet everyone looks so young, only I am getting old
  • Can’t believe I’ll see little Jun again one day, he’s so different now
go chae min high kick
Go Chae Min wore the white T-shirt, sat next to actor  Lee Soon Jae

Talking more about Go Chae Min, after having the great opportunity to become an actor even though he was only 1 year old, the boy did not become a professional actor but lived an ordinary life. Go Chae Min did not reveal much about his personal information. Audiences only know him occasionally through a few clips on YouTube, at a YouTube channel he set up to share his hobbies.

go chae min high kick
go chae min high kick
Some pictures from the boy’s YouTube channel

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