The boy with braces who dreamed of becoming a basketball player 13 years ago grew up to become a famous actor

It is the story of Nam Joo-hyuk, a former model, and an actor currently starring in the drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one.”

Nam Joo-hyuk, who dreamed of becoming a basketball player when he was young, gave up his dream after undergoing surgery due to an injury in the past. After that, he debuted as a model and went on the path of becoming an actor. He is currently working with Kim Tae-ri in Twenty-five Twenty-one.

In this article, we will summarize the process Nam Joo-hyuk has gone through and his representative works.

Nam Joo-hyuk, who possesses a tall height of 187cm, served as a basketball player for the school until middle school. Originally, his dream of becoming a basketball player in school was also known.

Nam Joo-hyuk

However, he quit his career after undergoing two surgeries. When he was injured, people around him jokingly recommended him to model, and Nam Joo-hyuk decided to become a model from then on.

Nam Joo-hyuk won the contest Top Model at the age of 20 and signed a model contract with K-Plus to start his activities.

Nam Joo-hyuk, who was working as a model, began to make his face known to the public in 2014 when he appeared in AKMU‘s music videos of “Give Love” and “200%.”

Nam Joo-hyuk
tvN’s “The Idle Mermaid”

Director Baek Seung-ryong, who watched the music videos at the time, saw Nam Joo-hyuk‘s naive image and various potentials and asked him to appear in a drama, and Nam Joo-hyuk made his acting debut with the drama “The Idle Mermaid.”

Nam Joo-hyuk‘s first leading role was in the drama “Who Are You – School 2015,” and at that time, he played the male protagonist, highschool swimmer Han Yi-an.

As it was his first leading role, the drama laid the foundation for Nam Joo-hyuk to succeed as an actor.

In 2016, the following year, he played Kwon Eun-taek in the popular webtoon original drama “Cheese in the Trap” and gained huge popularity as he was included in the flower-boy trio of the drama along with Park Hae-jin and Seo Kang-joon.

Nam Joo-hyuk
MBC’s “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo”

In the same year, he also played the role of Wang Wook, the 13th prince, in the drama “Moon Lovers” set in the Goryeo Dynasty, and in 2017, he was cast in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo” and showed chemistry with Lee Sung-kyung, captivating viewers at home and abroad.

In 2018, he made his screen debut by acting with prominent actors such as Jo In-sung and Park Sung-woong as the main character in the movie “The Great Battle,” winning Best New Actor awards at various film festivals such as The Seoul Awards and the 39th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

He then proved himself to be a trend by being casted in the dramas “The Light In Your Eyes,” “The School Nurse Files” and “Start-up.”

Nam Joo-hyuk
tvN’s “Twenty-five, Twenty-one”

Nam Joo-hyuk is currently playing the role of 22-year-old sports reporter Baek Yi-jin in tvN’s “Twenty-five Twenty-One.”

In particular, he was born in 1994 and is 29 years old this year, but perfectly depicts the excitement of fresh love of a person at 22. With the chemistry between Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk, the ratings of “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” have soared to 9.8% from 6.4% in just six episodes.

Many people are paying attention to what kind of growth Nam Joo-hyuk will show with his acting as he is building filmography by challenging himself with various genres such as refreshing boy image, historical drama, and fantasy.

Nam Joo-hyuk

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